Mass protests are raging in Paris for the third consecutive day over the government’s intention to introduce a reform of the country’s pension system. This resulted in mass protests across the country.

Reuters reports it.

“Clashes between Paris police and protesters continue for a third night as thousands take to the streets across the country amid growing discontent over government raising the retirement age with no vote in parliament.” – says the material.

Macron effigy BURNS as France protests pension reformGBNews

Law enforcement in Paris was also reported to have used tear gas against protesters who set fire to trash cans. 81 protesters were arrested on Sunday night and 61 on Friday.

It will be recalled that the French reform provides for the raising of the retirement age from 62 to 64 years. The government ensures that this is an obligatory step necessary for the stable functioning of the country’s social security system.

It was previously reported that protesters against pension reform in France have clashed with police.

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