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War in Ukraine: Threatened by an international arrest warrant, Putin traveled to… Ukraine by car this Saturday, March 18

The day after the issuance of an international arrest warrant against him, Vladimir Putin was in Crimea this Saturday, March 18.

For his first official outing since the launch of an international arrest warrant issued this Friday by the International Criminal Court, Vladimir Putin had chosen… Crimea, a Ukrainian territory now claimed by Russia.

It was in Sevastopol that Putin came to celebrate the ninth anniversary of what the Russians call the reunification of Crimea and Russia.

And it seems that this move was a provocation towards the westerners, since it would have been decided only at the last moment. “Our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin knows how to surprise. In a good way. Today we were supposed to open a children’s art school in Kherson. Everything was ready for a video conference and a report to the president through special communications. But Vladimir Putin did this moment is so historic to be there with Sevastopol,” the city’s governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, was quoted as saying by the official Russian news agency, Tass.

He got behind the wheel of his car

It was in jeans and a dark sweater that Putin arrived in Sevastopol… driving his car, according to Razvozhaev. Another provocation since it seems to indicate that Putin traveled to Crimea by road.

The Russian president visited an art school and a children’s center. In a short video, Putin, 70, is shown walking stiffly with his head bowed.

A Ukrainian territory, Crimea has been illegally occupied since 2014 by Russia and is at the center of tensions between the two countries. A decision condemned by the international community that expelled Russia from the G8 and hit it with numerous sanctions.

Since Friday, March 17, Vladimir Putin has been the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court, which accuses him of actively participating in the deportation of thousands of Ukrainian children since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. . 2022.


Stephane Sicard

Source: L Independant

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