Xi Jinping’s upcoming visit to Russia is aimed at “peace” and China will defend its “objective and impartial position” on international and regional issues, including the war in Ukraine.

This was stated by Wang Wenbin, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, in a briefing, reports CNN.

“China’s proposal boils down to one sentence, which is to ask for peace and facilitate negotiations”– said Wang Wenbin.

The channel notes that Xi’s trip will come at a time when Beijing is trying to portray itself as a neutral peacemaker in the war in Ukraine and doing its best to balance its relations with Russia and the West.

Recall, today it was confirmed in Russia that Xi Jinping will come to Moscow from March 20 to 22.

In February, China’s Foreign Ministry released its 12-point peace plan for Ukraine.

According to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Ukraine is ready to discuss individual points of the peace plan.

Earlier, Xi Jinping said that China will not change its stance on resolving the war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

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