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VIDEO. War in Ukraine: a young Russian voluntarily breaks his leg to escape the mobilization

Images that send shivers down the spine.

Some russians They are ready to do anything to escape from a game to the front lines. Ukraine. Since then mobilization reservists decreed by Vladimir Putin last Wednesday, Russia is going through a mass exodusin particular to Georgia, Kazakhstan or Mongolia.

If this is slowed down by Moscow’s announcement this Wednesday that army-mobilized reservists will no longer receive international passports, the exodus is not, however, the only way out envisioned by determined Russians to escape a departure to the front. And the alternative chosen by some is not more pleasant, far from it: theself harm.

A widely shared video on social media (beware the images can shock) shows a young Russian who does not hesitate to voluntarily break his leg so as not to be summoned.

In the footage, he is seen lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs waiting for another man to pounce on his leg. The latter runs and breaks the member of the former. Shocking but revealing of the mess some of the Russian reservists are in.


lorenzo morales

Source: L Independant

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