There is a shortage of blood in civilian hospitals in Crimea, due to the fact that it is used to treat wounded Russian occupiers.

This was reported by the National Resistance Center.

It is known that the invaders took blood from civilian blood transfusion centers in Sevastopol.

The humanitarian crisis is intensifying on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea. In particular, in the city of Sevastopol, blood and its components were taken from blood transfusion centers for the military clinical hospital, which caused a shortage of civilian institutions“, says the message.

Earlier, thanks to the underground, it became known that there is an increasing shortage of medicines for civilians in Crimea due to the reorientation of the medical system of the temporarily occupied territories to the needs of the Russian occupiers. According to them, the priority of the use of medicines has been shifted to the needs of the invaders.

As a reminder, the Defense Forces of Ukraine eliminated 710 occupiers on March 18, 2023. In total, the losses of the invaders already amounted to 164 thousand 910 soldiers.

They also wrote that more than a hundred Russian invaders and equipment were recently destroyed by a well-aimed attack by a Ukrainian missile in the temporarily occupied Novotroitsky district of the Kherson region.

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