Russian hackers distribute infected software via torrents and thus try to gain access to Ukrainian computers.

This was reported by the State Special Service for Communications on its official website.

Hackers trojanize ISOs and installers and make them freely available on torrent trackers. If a victim downloads and installs such files on their computer, hackers gain access to its contents and can remain undetected for a long time“, says the message.

The agency adds that in many post-Soviet countries, system administrators still use unlicensed software in institutions and companies with the help of torrent trackers. By installing such programs, they actually give the Russian secret service access to working files. It is emphasized that the use of a compromised operating system is particularly dangerous, because in this case the attackers have full administrative access to the computer.

Even average Ukrainian users are at risk by installing unlicensed software from unofficial sources, especially torrents”, add the experts.

Recall that the State Intelligence Service found out which companies are most often victims of Russian hackers.

Previously, it became known which bait is most often used by scammers in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

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