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Elite 1: Pia XIII Baroudeur wants to know against Carcassonne

Clash in Daniel-Ambert this Sunday (3 pm) with Pia XII Baroudeur who receives the current French champions of Carcassonne. A match with multiple bets on both sides for this match that will be filled at the foot of the bell tower.

Three days to go, the two opponents of the day still have several things to play for. Carcassonne, current French champion and declared a candidate for his own succession, aspires to finish the regular phase in first position. A chair that absolutely demands a victory on the banks of the Basse today, before Carcassonne – Limoux next weekend.

In the other field, Pia doesn’t aim for the Top 3, but mathematically, the rating doesn’t register. Barring disaster and especially if St-Gaudens connects the feats, Pia will see the play-offs with a quarter out in the third or fourth. However, it is not a question of doing the accounts on the side of the verdirojos who have not won since January 28 and the performance that Albi brought back (34-20). Meanwhile, an Avignon Cup exit and two defeats, including the second of the season at Ambert, clouded the picture. After Limoux, Jason Baitieri’s FCL beat Pia (27-20). The Aude’s third club will want to imitate their rivals.

Beyond the accounting significance of a hit tonight, it’s Salanquaise’s performance that will be in the spotlight. Where do Ugo Perez’s teammates stand against the “big boys” and can they legitimately aim to thwart the odds in the finals?

The first answers will be given today, for a team of Pia, deprived of Dean Whare. The New Zealand center has been suffering from hamstring discomfort since his elimination in Avignon. The mainstay, Mathias Marty has yet to resume and Alan Baby suffers a sprained ankle. There is no Alexis Meresta-Doucet behind the one held today, where Valentín Zafra and Alexandre Huescar are expected. “After two unexpected defeats that did a lot of damage to morale, we expect from this match, beyond a victory, a mobilization of all to regain confidence”warns coach Thomas Valette who recalls that “the team is capable of unexpected XXL performances”. So against the defending champions led by Clément Herréro and reinforced by Morgan Escaré, Thomas Valette ensures that “Finally it’s good to play in Carcassonne now to find our true level. One thing is for sure, the trust placed in the group by the management team is intact.”. The promoted block of the trio Balent, Borras, Cozza, manager Rovira through the duo Valette-Bentley. A union in defeat and in bad times that may be the cement of a season finale with several unknowns of course, but that can see the Salanquais achieve great things. Tonight, Pia XIII Baroudeur will know more and more about the result, it is the performance that will be at the center of everyone’s attention.

Carcassonne without B. Escamilla and Artiga

After a weekend of rest, this trip to the land of Salanque, although difficult to negotiate, offers the advantage of immediately putting Alexis Escamilla and his brothers back in a solid context. As we know that Fred Camel and Alan Walsh’s men always have a bit of a problem restarting after a break, they can count on their hosts to immediately bring them back to reality on the pitch. Apart from Bastien Escamilla (travel) and Ludovic Artiga, who, having played a lot since the start of the season, is resting, all the ‘canaries’ are operational. In the absence of the latter, Djibryl Dauliac “goes up” to tailgating while Romain Khedimi establishes himself in the 3rd row. A week before receiving their Limouxin dolphins in Domec, the “yellows and blacks” have the opportunity to rehearse their ranks in the den of the Baroudeurs who are not used to giving gifts to their visitors. Pennsylvania

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This article is for subscribers only.

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