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Elite 1: Revenge for the Baby Dracs

Final applause at Saint-Estève. There is not much at stake except that the Babys Dracs will want to take revenge on a Toulouse team that had beaten them in the first leg to the surprise of all (38-28).

The bets are made, except for a miracle, the Catalan Saint-Estève-XIII will not participate in the play-offs of the French Championship. To qualify, in fact, it would be necessary for the Babys Dracs to win the remaining three games and, at the same time, for Avignon to lose three times without collecting a single defensive bonus and for Saint-Gaudens not to win more than one game. and this, without reaping any defensive bonuses. So let’s not dream and say so much that the culés’ season will end on April 16 after having played their last three games, including the reception in Toulouse today and two trips to Albi and Pia to finish.

Place in this match against Toulouse, a reception that should be synonymous with revenge for a Catalan formation that had been defeated (38-28) in the first leg played at the Cité des Violettes on November 27. It was then the first great failure of the Babys Dracs, there have been others since then and that is why today only honor will be at stake.

Because the Catalans are still thrashing in Avignon, fifteen days ago. It is true that many players were missing, the Babys Dracs started the match with only two substitutions and finished the last quarter of an hour with ten players on the field. But that shouldn’t be the only excuse. Through the remaining three games, we must prepare for the next season based on the performance of the players on the field.

But once again, nothing has been decided in advance and the game looks complicated against Toulouse. For Eamon O’Carroll, the manager, once again, everything will depend on the state of mind and the determination of his players: “There we showed several times that we had the potential to be at the level of the best. But we lack consistency. There are certainly excuses, in particular the fact that, unlike previous seasons, we did not benefit from the contribution of Dragones from February “. On the contrary, after the numerous injuries before the start of the season, we are the ones who contribute to the Dragons, and Zenon, Tison, Scimone, Castaño are usually in the squad. However, what we have lacked this season has been consistency. , we are recovering from the world compared to Avignon, we hope things will improve.” Note that this meeting will be the last at the home of President Gérard Caillis, at the helm of the Baby Dracs for more than 10 years.

This article is for subscribers only.

This article is for subscribers only.

Author: Tufi Bernardo

Source: L Independant

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