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Women’s National 2: the end of illusions for Narbona

On Saturday afternoon, at home, the Narbonnaises lost to the Pau-Nousty girls 25-28. Goodbye to the hopes of climbing to the next level. Infuriating.

Against Pau-Nousty last night, the Narbonians said goodbye to their chances of finding National 1. It must be said that hope was already low, although we wanted to believe in a fantastic comeback. But against Pau, it was Laly Coutte’s tired private wolves that showed their limits. Too much waste in attack for a team that will have run after the score for almost the entire match. In defense, the NHB will never have managed to regulate an Oriane Baillon to 8 goals, which will have caused her great problems in each of her shots or almost.

A match that will also be played at a false pace until the last quarter of an hour. Without dazzling but effectively, the Paloises quickly take the lead in this match. With a superb unbalanced lob, Maia Haristoy gives the visitors a three-point lead 2-5 (10th minute of play). A first quarter of an hour that will see Narbona suffer. Charlotte Bacou and Mélanie Pous keep their heads above water for the locals. But at halftime, the NHB is logically leading 12-14.

nerve but too much waste

The start of the second part will also be complicated. If Maryska Kouassi, in trouble in the first half with shots, sets her sights on her side, on Pau-Nousty’s side, we are not giving her a gift. Leading by five goals heading into the fourth quarter 18-23, the NHB didn’t seem capable of competing with their opponent. And yet, the Narbonens will offer the last ten minutes of those who have the secret. Salomé Sacarrère then Jessica Oliveira sounded the revolt. With five minutes to go, the NHB nearly fell behind, 22-23. But Pau will not be scared. Haristoy for the visitors finds the skylight, then calmly intercepts the winning ball.

When the horn sounded with the score at 25-28, the Narbonians, who before this day were five points behind leader Zibero and five days from the end, probably said goodbye to their last hopes of climbing this year.

Author: N. Boulay

Source: L Independant

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