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Elite 1 – Limoux: avoid the Saint-Gaudens trap

After having easily eliminated Saint-Gaudens in the Cup (42-6), the Limouxians find Commingeois in the league for which they gather all the ingredients of the trap match that they will have to overcome to stay in the top pair.

Indeed, in view of this result and the classification, we do not see how Ours du Comminges could worry the Grizzlies in their lair on the Aiguille.

St-Gaudens still believes in it. But everything indicates that this duel will surely have another consistency to the extent that Mitchell Garbutt’s men can still aspire to qualify if they achieve a clear round in their last three games, as specified by their 3rd line Benjamin Vizcay: “We will give our best, and the goal is still to get this 6th place in the classification.”

The bet is certainly difficult but with the returns of their center Kuni Minga and the hooker Isaac Misky, one of the best scorers in the championship, the performance of this team must be different.

no jason clark

For XIII Limouxin, the difficulty will come from not treating this rival under the leg, from showing humility and from confirming his current good pass, as confirmed by second coach Guillaume Mestre: “We’re riding a good wave right now and it’s important to level up every game, especially to be more consistent throughout a game. We still have some rough streaks that can be costly in the playoffs. Saint-Gaudens comes in the The right time to value itself in this sector because it is a team that will be strengthened and that the classification in the Aiguille is at stake.

An injured Jason Clark joins Stan Robin and Benjamin Vergniol in the infirmary and is replaced by Constantine Mika in the third row position. Zac Santo returns to the back, Quentin Crunel slides to the wing in place of Maurel who watches a break lap. Finally, Maxime GarcĂ­a and Thibaut Osuna return to the substitute bench.

This article is for subscribers only.

This article is for subscribers only.

Author: raphael good

Source: L Independant

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