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Women’s Elite 2: pleasure first for the women of RC Narbonnais

The girls of the Racing Club Narbonnais must remobilize after their package in Normandy. Maintenance is still mathematically possible for the Audoises.

Publishing a package in a competition is always complicated, especially for a club like Narbonne that plays in the second national level. But we must turn the page for this female Racing team that, let’s not forget, did not have the means to travel to Normandy with dignity on March 4.

Now, all eyes are on the reception of Rugby Toulon Provence Méditerranée, a club well established in the middle of the table that will arrive at Cassayet without much pressure. Yes, the people of Narbonne will find, for the occasion, the beloved Cassayet stadium which has been covered with brand new posts, and therefore prepared to host new matches. Starting at 3:00 p.m., Racing will first have the mission of finding colors, pleasure, without thinking too much about the verdict at the end of the season. Keeping it is still mathematically possible, provided they meet again with a victory that flees from the Audoises from October 30, 2022 and the visit of the USA plays in Gruissan.

Today, therefore, will be above all the moment of general remobilization, even if the infirmary still has many residents, waiting for smiles to light up the changing rooms after the meeting.

Author: GDM

Source: L Independant

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