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National 2: Break for Canet who wins (0-1) against the red lantern Aubagne

RFC Canet suffered a delicate defeat against Aubagne (0-1) on Saturday, March 18, representing matchday 21. The Catalans now look back but retain their eighth place.

RFC Canet was defeated (0-1) this Saturday, March 18, against 15my and penultimate in the championship, FC Aubagne. It is a setback for the CRFC after two wins and a draw.

During this 21my On the day of the championship, Canétois, too rude but willing, largely dominated the second half, after a feverish first act on both sides. Despite everything, the culés surprised 20 minutes from the end with a pawn from the Provençal captain, Mohamed Lamine Djaballah, well served in depth by Belkacem Dali Amar.

Farid Fouzari’s men see their evening rival, still 15 years oldmy, return to six lengths of them. Alès, the first player not to be relegated before the game, drew against Louhans-Cuiseaux (2-2) and is now a small victory behind Canétois.

However, the CRFC can count on the defeats of Fréjus Saint-Raphäel (9my before D21) at Lyon La Duchère (1-2), Lyon II (11my before D21) in Hyères (1-2) and Toulon (10my against D21) in Auxerre (0-1) to maintain this eighth place. As a reminder, the last five are relegated at the end of the season and the two worst 11are.


sacha tisic

Source: L Independant

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