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Ski Mogul – Perrine Laffont: the season “when I learned more about myself”

“It is the season in which I learned the most about myself”, valued this Saturday the skier Perrine Laffont, who closed the 2022-2023 financial year “in the kneecaps” with a fourth success in mogul skiing, and a fifth great crystal globe.

How do you feel after this 30th World Cup victory, to end the season?

It’s been a long season, and I’m on my knees. There’s a bit of a jaded ski mogul anyway. But it’s just amazing. I am very happy that I lasted until the end, although there were many times when I only wanted one thing, which was to take my bag, leave and finish the season. Bearing this pressure, this fight with the girls, that’s a lot.

The season ends with four victories, two globes, two world titles. Could he have been more successful?

Frankly, I don’t think so. It’s just extraordinary. I think I still don’t realize it, I think I have marked French sport and world skiing a little more. I went for two more balloons, I am the most successful skier in the World Cups. I’ll figure that out as time goes by, once the pressure of the season has eased. I think I put my name and the French flag in the world of mogul skiing for a lot of years.

Would you say this is the most accomplished season?

This is the season where I went the most to find myself within my limits and my entrenchments. The fight with Anri (Kawamura), Jak’ (Jakara Anthony) and even Jaelin (Kauf) was very, very intense. You have to be at 300% every weekend because they don’t leave anything. This is the season with the most fights, where I learned the most about myself and my abilities. I knew that I had a good level in skiing, but to the point of going to look for myself like that in my entrenchments, when I was in the hard, and not having let go of anything… I realize that it is a very, very big season. In terms of result, it is the most beautiful of my career.

He was expected after the disappointment of the 2022 Olympic Games in Zhangjiakou and fourth place.

It was not easy, because last season he left his mark, he was very hard with the Games. I also rebuilt a whole new rig, we didn’t really have a baseline, a new mode of operation. But we believed in it from the beginning, we said things to each other, we laid the foundation and that’s what made it work so well. It’s not easy when an athlete is used to functioning in a certain way for eight years, he has his habits. We start with a blank sheet and write the story.

Author: AFP

Source: L Independant

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