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Super League: when ambition goes with Dragons

By winning their first four Super League games, the Catalan Dragons have staged the best start to the season in their history. This Saturday night (6:00 p.m.), against the KR Robins, Benjamín García and his team intend to sign a five out of five, as long as they maintain the defensive principles that opened the doors of their first victories.

In the Super League, the mists and squalls in March did not spare Wakefield, Castleford, Leeds, Hull FC and even St-Helens. On the contrary, winter is good for the Catalan Dragons and Warrington. The Dracs packed out, defying the odds, the elements of the weather and despite an abundance of injuries. “Opportunities were given to players who did not miss the opportunity”recalls Thomas Bosc, who prefers to appreciate the harvest his players get, rather than judge that of his competitors. “We appreciate this success, especially Wigan’s. But above all, we know that you can go very quickly one way or the other.warns Captain Benjamin Garcia as he prepares for the arrival of the Robins.

KR is a more structured team than in the past

“A more structured team than before after the change of coach that took place this winter”, glides by playing Thomas Bosc’s introductions. A second trainer that has necessarily focused on the falling English bomber that will light up the great Brutus sky with its sails this afternoon. “Abdul”, a name that several Dracs players shouted Tuesday and Thursday during collective sessions in reference to Jordan Abdull, the number 7 of the Robins in the 100 kg. A pyrotechnician who hits between twelve and fifteen shots per game and who knows how to be formidable. “Is one of the best”Bosc adds that he is better placed than anyone to judge a player’s efficiency on his feet.

It’s up to the Dragons to put pressure on the English striker who is not afraid of duels. “That was our strength in Wigan. We managed to exert great pressure throughout the game and that’s the key. It is up to us to reproduce this same intensity by improving our game”, recalls Adam Keighran (78.94% accuracy on foot). On this occasion, the 25-year-old Australian, a revelation at the start of the season for the Catalans, will play in the center of attack, a position for which he was signed. At his side, the blood and gold will have Micky McIlorum (34) to infuse him with the necessary aggressiveness. The English hooker, who will play his 100th game for the Dragons this Saturday night, represents the foundation of this successful start to the season. Experienced, he knows perhaps better than anyone, that before harvesting, it is necessary to trace the furrows and remove the weeds.

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This article is for subscribers only.


Bruno Onteniente

Source: L Independant

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