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Pro D2: USC, the fury of life

What if the American Carcassonne became the blockbuster of the spring? A certainty, if he hasn’t won the Oscar yet, this Friday night he gave himself a bit of air by suffocating Mont-de-Marsan in Domec: 37-9. Yes, 37-9! With four attempts by Mouchous, Marques and Darrelatour twice. A summit! Carcassonne are no longer eligible for relegation.

This Friday night was scream 6 at the cinema or US Carcassonne – Stade Montois at Domec. After some reflection, let’s face it, very quickly, for professional but also passionate reasons, we opted for rugby. For Pro D2 Season 2022-2023 Episode 24 instead of the sixth installment of the sometimes dubious American franchise… We prefer thrills to horror. Tension to fear Since in Carcassonne, in the club and officially in any case, no one is afraid of relegation to National. It’s not even an option for the presidency…

Well, tension, this meeting did not lack. 3-3 at 23my minute with the wind against Carcassonnais by choice. Two teams that put themselves to the test with a lot of jousting forward, with sails and scrums. already 23my therefore the opening, the illumination, the liberation through the game: Clément Clavières like a tightrope walker broke through the Mons defense, offered a caviar to Baptiste Mouchous who crashed between the posts.

Only, playing against the wind at a price. The price of the distant penalty that Laousse-Azpiazu, for Mont-de-Marsan, will only fail very few times in the first act, only once in fact. Hence this 10-9, something worrying at 40my. But because a rugby game often turns out to be so much more exciting and awesome (the script is never scribbled before kickoff) than a horror movie, at halftime USC led by eight points: 17-9.

The turnip becomes a blockbuster

Why miracle? After eight minutes of madness, after two penalties, a rejected try to Carbou, who had indeed released the leather before putting it in the goal area, after another penalty, a yellow card for Montois Nicolas Garrault, it is the captain of USC Samuel Marques – one of the heroes of the film – who scored Aude’s second try, still transformed by Dorian Jones.

And as in the other match in which all Carcassonne fans had their eyes on, Montauban – Béziers, the Tarn-et-Garonnais only won by one point at halftime (17-16), we began to dream of a relegation exit . zone for the “yellows and blacks”… Not to mention that Soyaux-Angoulème was demolished by Grenoble (6-10). He did have an amazing face this Friday night, after all, this outfit concocted by the Aude staff. Yes, this cast was very good. When you have Manchia and Herjean on the lawn, unsurprisingly, the turnip becomes a blockbuster.

The actors had decided to play

It was not Léo Darrelatour who was going to deny it with his superb proof of 42my minute inevitably transformed by Welsh director Dorian Jones. At the start of the second half, the ball was going from one side to the other, and Clément Clavières – decidedly very inspired – served Darrelatour for the offensive bonus test. Encore repeats at 49my, with always finishing Darrelatour: 34-9. A copy-paste test of the above. champagne !

The continuation ? Nothing that really deserves to blacken these columns, except another kick from the unstoppable Welshman (37-9). This Friday evening, the Carcassonne actors had decided to perform. Well he took them. USC is not absolutely dead in the movie of the 2022-2023 season, especially since it comes out of the red zone, Montauban lost against Béziers (24-33). she breathes We too.

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This article is for subscribers only.


Nicholas Boussu

Source: L Independant

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