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Top 14: Tom Ecochard and Tristan Tedder, the masters of the USAP game against Toulon

The USAP hinge led his team’s game with the stick. And she set the right pace for the first Catalan victory against Toulonnais (19-13).

Facing Brive, Tristan Tedder walked off the field disappointed, frowning. Beyond the defeat (6-17), he hurriedly lamented the points left behind by his team, the failure of the Catalan conquest and the referee’s laxity in the face of the Brivistas’ refusal to play, guilty in his eyes for letting an opponent breaks the rhythm without reprimand.

This Saturday, the South African starter had found a smile. Pragmatic, the USAP has pretty much filled in the spots of its opportunities. Perpignan’s bunt and scrum dominated his theme and by taking the match on their own, the hinge Ecochard-Tedder, then Rodor-McIntyre, put their team into orbit. Enough to make number 10 happy, author of a perfect combination. Driving the game, attacking, on the feet, Tedder was incredible. Tom Ecochard was on the same page and the USAP game suddenly became fluid. Great performance in the face of this sudden downpour that befell Aimé-Giral at kick-off, drowning out hopes of a risky and airy rugby. Ecochard and Tedder played on the foot, tall, long, putting pressure on a Var defense on the lookout. As Alan Brazo, still very prominent, said after the meeting, “our hinge went into management mode and did quite well considering the weather conditions…”

Arlettaz: “Tedder made an almost perfect couple”

He needed an impeccable scorer to offer the USAP, and its prestigious guests who came to celebrate the 120me anniversary of the club, this first success that, it is hoped, will fully launch the season of the oldest club. Tristan Tedder almost made it, scoring 14 points, sending a try to the post (57me), cleverly varying their kicking game, and thus forcing the Varois back triangle to redouble their vigilance and relaunch the RCT game imprecisely. When you win the battle of occupying the land and the battle of conquering, success is usually not far away. Especially when a slippery ball and a sodden turf prohibit any reckless risk. Ecochard, then Rodor for the last ten minutes and Tedder played soberly, but with great efficiency. Suddenly, the USAP played in the lead. “It changes everythingdiscusses general manager Patrick Arlettaz, relieved by the outcome of the meeting. We didn’t do anything extraordinary, but everything was pretty good. And it was necessary to sign the victory!”

Tedder’s performance, he savored from the stands, his new vantage point since the start of the season. “Tristan was great, but it’s all the hinge players who played fair. Tom, Matteo when he came back and Tristan of course. He made the match almost perfect. I’m amazed at the length of his kicks. He gained twenty meters in each of them… It must be the rainy weather… It certainly reminded him of the one he met in Cape Town or Durban!”


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Source: L Independant

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