Russian President Vladimir Putin has stepped up a campaign aimed at fighting anti-war sentiment across the country.

This was stated in a report by the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Vladimir Putin has signed laws significantly increasing fines and prison terms for bringing Russian forces into Ukraine and selling Russian weapons to foreigners.

The Russian dictator continues to fight against all those whose opinion does not coincide with the official position of the Kremlin.

It was reported that on February 28, after Putin ordered the strengthening of counterintelligence measures and the suppression of the spread of pro-Ukrainian ideology, FSB officers raided Moscow bars suspected of financing the Ukrainian army and arrested more than 40 people.

It will be recalled that Estonian intelligence officials revealed who in Russia threatens Putin’s government.

Also, on the anniversary of the annexation, Putin came to the occupied Crimea.

It is also known that they are already looking for Putin’s successor: intelligence on the Kremlin’s reaction to the Hague tribunal’s decision.

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