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Pierre Palmade accident: Devrim, the 6-year-old boy, is happy to “see his friends again” at school

Devrim’s relatives, seriously injured in the accident caused by Pierre Palmade, gave news of the little boy who was able to return to school.

February 10 changed the life of an entire family. pierre palmade caused a serious traffic accident on a departmental road in Seine-et-Marne, while under the influence of cocaine and substitution drugs.

Three people were seriously injured in this accident : a man in his forties (the driver), his six-year-old son and his 27-year-old sister-in-law. The woman was pregnant with a girl that she would give birth to in May. Unfortunately, her baby died as a result of the accident and the autopsy results revealed that she would have been born “alive and viable.”

“At school he feels better. He is comfortable with his friends”

If your father is still in a worrying state, Devrim, the little boy, he was released from the hospital. However, he wears a corset that wraps around his waist to the middle of his skull. He can’t talk much or eat much due to his broken jaws. If the 6-year-old has absolutely no recollection of the accident, he was still able to return to school. “But only in the morning because he gets tired very quickly. Devrim wants to move, like all the kids his age.” explains Yilmaz, cousin of the boy’s father in the columns of Parisian this Saturday March 18th.

It makes her feel good to go back to school and see her friends and not just her mother, her brothers, her uncle and her cousin…”., testified this close to the family. And in detail: “At home he is closed in on himself, but at school he feels better. He is comfortable with his friends. He prefers to go to school than to stay at home”.

As a reminder, Pierre Palmade was prosecuted for “homicide and involuntary injuries of a driver who used drugs in a state of legal recidivism.” Officially confined in the Fresnes house since February 27, the 54-year-old actor served his preventive detention at the hospital, under police escort. The comedian is now under court supervision with a ban on leaving the hospital where he is currently being treated after his stroke. At the same time, he is the subject of a investigation for “possession of child pornography images”.


Hugo Martin

Source: L Independant

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