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Aude: “The attractiveness of our rural areas is a great challenge”

The director of MSA Grand Sud, Julien Le Cozannet, explains how the Mutualité works for the development of rural territories and the well-being of farmers.

Julien Le Cozannet, 49, has been since 1Ahem last July the new director of the Greater South Agricultural Social Mutual Society (MSA GS), which brings together Aude and Pyrénées-Orientales. For this new year, it aims to develop and strengthen the two large territorial systems of the MSA, economic support for the agricultural world and good living in rural areas.

“The MSA works in collaboration with the actors of the territories, in particular the local authorities and the associations to elaborate a complete diagnosis of the needs of the population, he explains. Thanks to his experience, he supports local authorities in their diagnostic work and the development of a territorial project adapted to their needs.” This support translates into the signing of statutes that vary according to the public, which can lead to technical support in terms of social engineering or financial support. In addition, the MSA regularly launches calls for projects in order to promote the emergence of new actions in the territories. “The attractiveness of our rural areas is a strong theme, which drives me a lot”continues Julien Le Cozannet who says that his “pleasure of embracing a profession of conviction” and do not hide your “amazed at what our farmers are capable of producing”.

disease prevention

Producers are not always at the party. The health of the farm or agricultural business is often your primary concern. When difficulties arise, they cause stress or suffering and can lead to depression or even suicide. Faced with the difficulties of farmers, the MSA, according to Julien Le Cozannet, is creating “a deferral of the payment of contributions on simple request, a payment schedule, the payment of certain contributions in a specific envelope and a request for forgiveness of increases in arrears with a benevolent examination”.

In 2021, 83 situations of helplessness were detected, 61 people benefited from the relief assistance system and 57,893 euros were mobilized for relief assistance.

The MSA also contributes to the territory’s network within the framework of the sentinel system. Sentry training took place on January 24 in Perpignan and February 16 in Carcassonne, and 25 new surveillance posts are further expanding the network, which currently has 77 volunteer sentinels (including 16 MSA GS employees). . The next trainings are planned in each department during the second half of 2023. On the importance of living well in rural areas, Julien Le Cozannet stresses that “Since 2022, the MSA offers a multidisciplinary prevention unit that responds to reports from farmers in difficulty. We are going to strengthen the sentinel system, which is a monitoring and support network for farmers and agricultural workers in very precarious situations. or in psychological discomfort, particularly the detection of suicidal risk”.

In the Aude department, 81,690 people are affiliated to the MSA GS, 5,134 are farm managers, 2,535 are farm labor employers for a total of 12,851 jobs (including seasonal ones).

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This article is for subscribers only.


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Source: L Independant

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