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Stake your bitcoins, doge and SHIB for GUARANTEED X3 profit


Cryptocurrency betting has become increasingly popular over the past year or two due to its low cost, minimal effort, and huge profit potential. As a result, an increasing number of crypto projects offer betting services, but the reliability, security and profitability of these opportunities vary widely.


How staking works

Stacking is pretty simple. Simply lock up your capital for a set period of time so it can be used to support the staking protocol. Your funds are put to work to make a passive profit without having to sell them. When using the Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus mechanism, the funds in your wallet can be used to verify the authenticity and accuracy of blockchain transactions.


Fairly stable, staking offers returns of around 10%-12% on average and does not require you to spend time on market analysis or portfolio management. Fees are also extremely low, especially compared to most traditional investment strategies.

What to look for in a crypto betting platform

The best staking protocols have a number of common characteristics. To understand what to look for when choosing a betting opportunity, let’s take this as an example Arbi Smart, a leading hub for interest generating wallets and crypto financial services. ArbiSmart has steadily increased its market share thanks to a completely different approach that has resulted in a greener, safer and more profitable betting platform.

High passive income: On average, betting profits are around 10%. In contrast, you can earn up to 147% annual passive profits by betting on ArbiSmart. Profits are primarily determined your account level, which is based on the amount of RBIS, the native token, that you own. It is possible to earn betting income without owning any RBIS, but owning more native tokens means you will get a better return on betting plans in any of the 30 currencies supported by ArbiSmart.

Simply put funds into a betting plan for 1 month, 3 months, 18 months, 2 years, 3 years or 5 years. Your profits will increase: the longer the plan, the more funds are wagered and the higher your account balance.


Little impact on the environment: The environmental costs of Proof of Work (PoW) are increasingly difficult to justify. A huge amount of energy is needed because to get a higher hash rate and thus better profits, miners need to use a lot of computing power.

ArbiSmart, on the other hand, is much greener, with an incredibly energy-efficient option that offers high returns the more you bet without harming the environment.

A safe betting opportunity: Weaning can carry several significant risks. First, not all market making protocols are reliable and transparent. Developers or whales could withdraw their funds and, by draining all liquidity from the betting pool at once, cause prices to crash.

Another risk you take if you want to stake Ethereum. The risk of losing the value of invested capital is greater if the price of ETH falls, because it is necessary to stake 32 ETH, a significant amount, to become a validator.

On the other hand, with ArbiSmart you get the same passive and constant profits for the duration of the betting plan, regardless of the actions of other market participants or whether the market is bullish or bearish.

As a financial ecosystem allowed by the EUArbiSmart has been operating under relevant licenses since its inception in 2019. solid reputationas a good actor in cryptospacewith strict risk management protocols. It remains completely unleveraged, with a transparent record of tax liability and has not experienced any hacking or security breaches.

As we see with our ArbiSmart example, bets can be green, low-risk, easy and profitable, and if you choose your service provider wisely, you can get excellent APY.

Are you ready to tenfold your betting income?

Sign up for ArbiSmart today!

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Source: Cryptonomist

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