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Crypto Music Event: the future of music meets the Metaverse in Marghera

Marghera, March 30, 2023 – We are very excited to present the second edition of the magazine Crypto Music Eventan unmissable event for all music, technology and metaverse enthusiasts!

Created by TerraBitcoin Club in collaboration with TerraNFT, CRYPTO MUSIC EVENT is an event that combines live music, training and informationto discover a new era of music together.


Crypto, music and metaversion

Crypto music is a new phenomenon in the music world that uses blockchain technology to empower artists distribute your own music independently, without the mediation of traditional record labels or streaming services. Thanks to blockchain, musicians can get directly in touch with their fans, receive payments in cryptocurrencies and maintaining complete control over your copyright.

Crypto music also has a close connection with meta version, a virtual universe where users can interact and experience in an immersive way. Metaversion represents a new frontier for music offerings new possibilities for creating, distributing and using music in an innovative way. The opposition and connection between metaversion and reality is one central problem in today’s digital culture.

We will talk about all this and much more CRYPTO MUSIC EVENTS with industry experts including:

  • Diego di Tommasoco-founder and CCO of Over,
  • Gilberto Bonettopianist and composer
  • Francesco Filippo TandoiWeb3 developer

Meek Marie Antoinettecommunications manager of TerraBitcoin Club.

It will be a unique opportunity to show the potential of metaversion and understand how music can evolve in increasingly surprising ways thanks to technology.

But it doesn’t end there! It will be during the evening lots of live music and he won’t miss it Crypto music lottery: a moment of the game that engages the public in a unique experience: free tickets will be distributed at the entrance to the venue, which will entitle 5 lucky winners as a prize an unpublished musical NFT.

And that’s not all: a very special NFT will also travel to the first three extracts, giving them a discount on a unique experience: A CHAMPAGNE JOURNEY to discover the vignerons, the small producers of the Champagne lands that stretch east of Paris.
Tour organized by Vignam, direct importer from the French cellar to the Italian consumer.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the Crypto Music Event, an event that brings music, technology and digital culture together! Join our a nft music, a telegram chat dedicated to the new era of music. JOIN US

Paolo Barraifounder of TerraBitcoin Club, says:

“Blockchain technology and metaversion are revolutionizing the music industry, opening up new creative and business opportunities for artists and fans. With the Crypto Music Event, we intend to explore the potential of technology to create an immersive and authentic music experience. We look forward to sharing this unique experience with all music and technology enthusiasts.”

Simone Peirone, co-founder of Vignam, says:

“As Max Jacob, the French poet and writer, says, ‘Champagne, if you have time to listen to it, makes the same noise in its foam and bubbles as the sea on the sand.’ With this spirit, we began a direct journey to find and find bubbles of excellence made by small French producers to bring them to Italian tables. And now we want to bring Italians to vignerons in a way that smacks of the future: NFT…. Which also acts as a link between old and new, real and digital, on-chain and off-chain”.

Stephen Fish, partner Al Vapore tells us:

“Our venue has always hosted events that combine music and other art forms such as literature and painting. And this event, combining debate and live music with a look into the future, felt to us like another way of creating culture; the latter focuses more on training and information”.

TerraBitcoin CLUB

Founded by Paolo Barrai, TerraBitcoin Club is a private investors club where 500 members from all over the world meet in chat, during webinars and in person to share knowledge and exchange opinions about the crypto world, especially the investment world. in general.


A company based in Zug, Switzerland without a bank account that only uses crypto, both to pay salaries and suppliers. Terranft shares are tokenized and the representative token is traded on the ERC-20 network’s leading decentralized exchange.

The company was born in June 2021 and was sufficiently capitalized to seize opportunities in the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. It has not suffered any losses during the difficult year 2022 and is ready to face the challenges of the coming years.


It was born in 2018 from the great passion of two friends who love “good things”. Champagne could not be missing among them. A personal passion to find bubbles of excellence created by small producers, then transferred to Vignam to expand horizons and offer a wide selection of the highest quality products in the food and beverage sector.


Al Vapore, a historic venue on the mainland of Venice, boasts activity dating back to 1986 and has played thousands of concerts, mainly jazz and blues.

From the editors of Cryptonomist

Source: Cryptonomist

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