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Crypto Art: Matteo Mauro launches new NFT collection “Four Season”.

crypto art artist, Matteo Mauro has announced the launch of his next NFT collection “Four Season”. The selected marketplace is Nifty Gateway and a lucky collector will have a chance to win a SPRING.


Crypto Art: Matteo Mauro announces the launch of “Four Season”, a new NFT collection

The famous Sicilian Crypto Art artist, Matteo Mauro, has announced the launch of the new NFT collection “Four Season” and describes the first drop and work to have SPRING (Spring).

“First artwork from our @niftygateway reveal: SPRING.✨

This will be a gem of a start. This is a 1/1 NFT optimized screen with 8K resolution. And it will be won by a lucky collector who joins our NG genesis adventure.

The drop will consist of a total of 4 cannons: 1x 1/1, 1x Ed of 4, 1x Ed of 10, 1x Ed of 30

(34 of them for sale – 11 to own).

Warning: owning 1 NFT of this drop will give you a 1/34 chance of winning a 1/1 artwork.”

The NFT “Four Season” collection will be divided into 4 drops (spring, summer, autumn and winter), it will happen in the marketplace A smart gate.

In this first part, the artist emphasizes this for those who win the NFT first drops of the collection will have access to an extraction that offers additional SPRING artwork up for grabsin enhanced 8K resolution.

The work as a gift of cryptographic art is a generative art of computational engravings and represents for Matteo Mauro his memory of spring. Here is a brief description of the work that can be won in SPRING:

“sun but rain, cool skin, longer days, blue sky, colors in bloom, birds singing around jasmine days, green grass awakening, love rejuvenated”

Crypto Art and structure of the first NFT drop of Matteo Mauro’s collection

The “Four Season” series is part of an art project called Micromegalic Inscriptions (Micromegalic inscriptions).

Specifically, the process realized by Matteo Mauro’s studio is a constant search for a special and identifiable creative language that stops between the folds of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

“Four Season” consists of 4 selected drops, one for each season. The works in this series will hide and display annual seasonal variations through shapes, colors and artist Matteo Mauro’s ever-evolving research into the evolution of print technology into the digital realm. His design language suggests and transforms;

The first drop of spring sees 4 artworks:

  • SPRING which is an optimized 8K PNG for one lucky collector, currently $35,000;
  • AFTER SPRING BEFORE SUMMER, limited edition 4K PNG; NFT also includes physical work framed – current price $28,000;
  • ALMOST SPRINGlimited edition 30 PNG 4K – no reserve tiered auction includes 10 raffle entries. Includes 1/1 raffle entry;

Pre-Generative NFT Engraving is expected to be distributed as follows:

  • 4x AIRDROPPED for SuperRare “Four Elements” collectors;
  • 4x PLANTED into collectors AFTER SPRING BEFORE SUMMER on Nifty Gateway;
  • 2x LOADED for collectors ALMOST SPRING.

This the first drop with four parts of NFT it will happen on Nifty Gateway starting of course from next March 21, 2023, the vernal equinox.

Record sales of $100,000 for the “Four Elements” NFT collection.

Matteo Mauro last year has registered it is new record $100,000 in sales for the “Four Elements” NFT collection. Specifically, this record did not take into account Earth, the last element to be auctioned off after Air, Water, and Fire.

Last April actually NFT works of fire, water and air were sold for 12 ETH (equivalent to $35,000 at the time) each on the SuperRare marketplace.

First art project Micromegalic inscriptions by Matteo Mauro was really a great success. But of course it wasn’t the first.

In February last year Matteo Mauro, together with the artist Emanuel Dascanio, would sell the work of Mætaversand for $60,000 always in the crypto market with SuperRare art.

Author: Stefania Stimulus

Source: Cryptonomist

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